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    I could show you with a short screen capture what I do, but I don’t have a way to share that with you
    Please check if you can share with me your email


    Dear Stacy
    you should check if the twitter app is NOT the missing element in your process. Have you activated it for the parent sheet?
    Apparently yes, because you have dowloaded an archive.
    At this stage you should not open the active one but open the original one, the one you have downloaded into your own google docs from Martin’s site.
    That one is :
    a) empty of keywords and
    b) not active (the twitter app is not active)
    If you copy the inactive/original/master copy (etc.etc.), and then you activate it then you should be able to run the query and store the results.
    I hope this will help you!


    I have just finished reading more instruction manuals
    The java issue starts when one tries to open the file from the edit menu. In reality, even if the edit menu seems to be able to open cvs files, one needs to go on the “data laboratory” > import spreadsheets > load
    The next issue is to do the rest. The archive files appear like 8910 nodes with no edges. So, while I will invest more time in read how data should be structured to create edges, I post this to you. Maybe you have the other half of the answer.
    I really want to use your TAGS with GEPHI
    Thanks for reading until now


    I can now confirm you I have erased 3/4 columns with Numbers and saved again as csv obtaining however the same results
    Could you kindly try this on your side with GEPHI?
    It’s close to impossible to get the GEPHI community to respond on issues like this … so I base my hopes on you …
    Thanks for trying


    Sorry Martin for keeping on bothering you with this but I would not know where to start in dropping columns
    I am working on a propaganda analysis projects and I would not know which columns generate the problem and which do not…
    I’ll run some tests this afternoon and report to you


    I can now answer myself
    You run de video, learn the essentials, then save a sheet, activate the twitter app, set the whole thing (keywords), run the query, activate the tracker (query running every hour automatically)
    Take the original sheet, save it with a different name, use different keywords, all the rest of the procedure is equal (no need to reset the twitter app).
    Repeat this as many times as needed
    If anyone has a better suggestion to track more subjects using TAGS, ahlan wa sahlan

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)