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    Hi there!
    I set up my first tracker and created an archive on one subject. I then visualised it. If I copy the template (in this case I copied the existing tracker) even if I change the search term the template does not produce different results.
    What should be done to track two or more different subjects on twitter ?
    Apologies for the basic question


    I can now answer myself
    You run de video, learn the essentials, then save a sheet, activate the twitter app, set the whole thing (keywords), run the query, activate the tracker (query running every hour automatically)
    Take the original sheet, save it with a different name, use different keywords, all the rest of the procedure is equal (no need to reset the twitter app).
    Repeat this as many times as needed
    If anyone has a better suggestion to track more subjects using TAGS, ahlan wa sahlan


    thanks for sharing how you did this

    {sorry for missing your original question}


    For some reason this process isn’t working for me. I was able to collect my first hashtag. I copied the original sheet (and all my keys transferred, as expected). When I rename the sheet and enter the new search terms, it says the script runs, but nothing appears in the archive. I tried everything from scratch, going so far as to make new keys and revoking previous access (essentially clearing everything I’d done before) and now I cannot get a single thing to archive. I am collecting small hashtags, so I should not be near my rate limit for the day. I can’t figure this one out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Dear Stacy
    you should check if the twitter app is NOT the missing element in your process. Have you activated it for the parent sheet?
    Apparently yes, because you have dowloaded an archive.
    At this stage you should not open the active one but open the original one, the one you have downloaded into your own google docs from Martin’s site.
    That one is :
    a) empty of keywords and
    b) not active (the twitter app is not active)
    If you copy the inactive/original/master copy (etc.etc.), and then you activate it then you should be able to run the query and store the results.
    I hope this will help you!


    I could show you with a short screen capture what I do, but I don’t have a way to share that with you
    Please check if you can share with me your email


    @andreariccieu one important thing to remember is the script will only write to the sheet named ‘Archive’. I should really include an error message if the Archive sheet is missing

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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