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    Glad you got it sorted! What did you end up having to do?


    I set up a completely new google account, and the Twitter authorisation now works, with the new google account, same Twitter account. So there must have been something about my regular google account. I have no idea what that might be though.


    Thanks for your response, Martin. It still doesn’t work, which is bizarre because I have tried

    – using Safari, on a mac, home network
    – using Chrome, on a mac, home network
    same at work in case of proxy/VPN
    – using Firefox on a windows machine, work network

    And in the class 7 students all managed to get it to work on windows like me (uni computers) and on a mac like I have personally. No problems with the browsers, network, anything.

    So it seems the only thing left is that my accounts are messed up somehow? Here is a screenshot of how it works, first in safari (no error message just empty screen) and then Chrome (error msg).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)