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    I am using tags for a class. I asked everyone register their twitter handle by sending a tweet to the course twitter account (@CSTempleU) with their student ID#. When I use TAGS to pull everything sent (to:CSTempleU) I only get some of the tweets. It seems I get more tweets when I retweet then un-retweet their tweets, but that takes a long time. Wondering if you can give insight as to why it is not pulling all the tweets.

    I can confirm the tweets I am looking for exist and are addressed correctly, as I can see them on my twitter feed.

    I can also confirm that if I search a hashtag on twitter, I see results from the accounts that TAGS picks up, but I don’t see results on twitter from the accounts TAGS omits on the to:CSTempleU search.

    It looks all the people TAGS cannot find are new accounts. Does an account have to be open for a certain length of time?

    Here is an example of someone TAGS is not picking up…

    My wild speculations:
    Many of the accounts are first time users. Does TAGS think they are spam because they don’t have much activity?

    Is there a privacy setting on a twitter account that repels TAGS?

    Thanks in advance for a response.


    Hi – my experience is new accounts take a while to appear in the search API results (I presume to combat spam accounts).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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