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    I’m trying to do a search for keywords & tags related to Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria. So far my search is yielding few results and I suspect it’s because my search terms may not be right. Here’s what I’m using:

    Puerto Rico AND Maria OR Puerto Rico AND Hurricane Maria OR #PuertoRico AND #Maria OR #PuertoRico AND #HurricaneMaria OR #HurricaneMaria OR #Maria

    Is this correct or have I made some mistake? Thanks!


    You might want to try adding some () and " to your expression to differentiate between AND and OR e.g.

    ("Puerto Rico" AND Maria) OR ("Puerto Rico" AND "Hurricane Maria") OR (#PuertoRico AND #Maria) OR (#PuertoRico AND #HurricaneMaria) OR #HurricaneMaria OR #Maria

    An example collection is here

    [some things to note 18k tweets is the max you can collect for the Twitter API in one hit and data is only available from the last 7-9 days or 18k tweets, which ever comes first]


    I’m trying this right now. I’m sure it will work. This is more like what I thought originally the search should look like. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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