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    Hi. I have a problem with certain tweets that have embedded tweets. Generally these tweets have a “media_url” entry in the entities string, but in tweets that I have collected this component does not exist in the entity string despite the tweet having a picture. I have noticed that in such cases, the raw text of the tweet has been truncated or is filled with gibberish characters (&*&#(!).

    Do these 2 observations have any relation to one another? Is one the cause and the other an effect? Is there a way to resolve both observations so that the data collected remains pure and complete?

    Thank you.


    Hi – so it appears Twitter made some changes to their api I while back that I missed. Your problem sounds similar to this thread . I’ve implemented the change referenced in that post. This will however only work on new copies of the template. All is not lost as from TAGS version 6.1.2 there is a feature to build archives from a column of Twitter ID strings. To rebuild your archive with all the data

        Take a copy of TAGS V6.1 from
        Add a sheet called ID and copy/paste your id_str column from your existing Archive sheet
        From the TAGS menu select TAGS > Build archive from Tweet IDs

    If you wish to continue collecting tweets the Readme/Setting sheet can be setup as per your old archive and the Archive sheet will continue appending new tweets as before


    Thanks, but there are 2 errors that I am receiving when using TAGS v6.1.3.

    1__When I use TAGS 6.1.3, I can download tweets but cannot see the text. Column C (text) is completely empty. All other columns are populated with data

    2__when I try to “Build Archive from Tweet IDs”, I get the following error message: Type Error: Cannot set property “tweet_mode” of undefined to “extended”

    What do you think I’m doing wrong?

    Link to document:


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    Hi – there was an issue with v6.1.3 and you need the latest version v6.1.4 to have the column C populated.

    [There was also an issue with the Build Archive from Tweet IDs also fixed in v6.1.4]

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