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    Dear colleagues,just creating extensive tweets retrieval from high number of users (more then 4000 it think ) for the purpose of academic research. Today in the morning and today come to the point when TAGS tell me that i reach the limit. Is there some limit per hour or how many users/hashtags you could follow in TAG and retrieve ?
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    Hi – for search twitter allows ‘180 requests/queries per 15 minutes’. A ‘query’ for TAGS returns 100 tweets.

    TAGS is also limited by quotas imposed by Google, which I’m guessing are the ones you are hitting. For a ‘consumer’ account ( you can have 20,000 queries a day (a lot more if you are Edu or Gov user). There are also limits on the amount of server time you can use – harder to measure. If you are hitting Google limits one way around this is using multiple Google accounts.


    Hello, if I understand this correctly, one can query with TAGS every minute, but this would only return a maximum of 1,500 tweets/15 minutes (as opposed to 18,000 tweets/15 minutes)?

    Is there anyway to modify TAGS to utilize the maximum amount of queries that can be made via Search API, e.g., to be able to return 18,000 tweets/15 minutes.


    Hi – yes this can be set in cell B16 of the readme/settings sheet

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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