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    Hi, everyone

    I´m new at TAGS and I´m doing an online MOOC on which I need to complete a task (get around 50,000 tweets). I managed the advanced settings and put 18,000 (the maximum number allowed) and I got a collection of 15,514 tweets. I´m not sure if it means that in a universe of 18,000 I was able to collect 15,514 tweets with the keywords I’m interested in and I need to do other researches in order to achieve the 50,000 I need or there are only 15,515 that contains the keywords
    I´ve set (I´m doing a long-term dataset). Can anybody help me with that? I started yesterday. Do I need by any chance give the API more time?



    Hi – a limitation of the Twitter Search API is data from the last ~7days which might explain why you didn’t get all 18k. TAGS works best with continuous collection of low volume search terms (Google Sheets has a cell limit which prevents getting big datasets – 90k+ and you may get load errors)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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