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TAGS gets a timeline widget to display your latest archived tweets (replacement for the Twitter search timeline widget)

This is a cross post from my personal blog On 23 March 2018 Twitter announced that it was retiring search timeline widgets, suggesting people moved to a Curate a Collection of Tweets. For a lot of people, myself included, this

Twitter Archive Google Sheets (TAGS) just got a bit easier with an easy setup

If you haven’t been following the TAGS story this is my long-standing project to make it easier for people to archive Twitter results to a Google Sheet. The brief history lesson is this project started in 2010 when you didn’t need

TAGS/TwrtService is now published on Github

Following a request from the forums I’ve put a copy of the TAGS/TwtrService code on Github. To view, fork, comment make improvements visit

List of TAGS column names that can be included in Archive sheet

Something I’ve neglected to highlight is what extra data can be pulled in with each tweet in a TAGS archive. By default the Archive sheet has about 20 fields/columns. The way TAGS works is it looks for a column name

Hello world! TAGS v6.0 is here

Welcome to the new TAGS support site. The old blog post threads publishing TAGS were getting a bit messy so hopefully this will be a better place to share expertise and experiences. You can get the new TAGS here. Amazing to