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You sir deserve all the beers! Thanks!

For anyone following along or stumbling onto this, after following the instructions above, you must make sure to set the Identifier for your new library to ‘TAGS’, which you upload in the second step 3. Without doing this (or changing most instances of ‘TAGS’ in the script attached to the spreadsheet to whatever the new identifier is), your spreadsheet will not know where to look for the appropriate functions to run.

I should say, I now have an up-and-running TAGS v.6.0 spreadsheet, but I’ve also implemented these changes on an older v.5.1 because of a change Google made to their spreadsheets before you created v6.0, which was preventing my project from importing the published spreadsheet (for more info on that particular issue, see This doesn’t bode well for the future of my project…

Again, thanks for all your help, Mr. Hawksey!

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