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Hi – here’s one way around this:

1. Open and make a copy of this script file, making the changes required.
2. When done Save and set to Share for anyone with link, view only.
3. Still in the script select File > Manage versions and create a script version.
4. Finally open File > Project properties and copy the Project key

Next we need to get a copy of the template using your code. To do this:

1. Make a copy of the new TAGS template.
2. Open Tools > Script editor and then Resources > Libraries
3. Remove the TAGS library and in the ‘Find a library’ field enter the Project Key from earlier., selecting a version and clicking save (you probably also want to switch on ‘development mode’, this means if you make changes in the copy of the script you made earlier they will be used in your copy of the template).

After you’ve done this you should be able to setup TAGS v6.0 as normal. If you need further archives remember to copy your modified template.

These steps are untested so shout if not working